It’s time to

Meet Shaun

As a 50 something father of 6 and a grandpa to 9, Shaun has experienced many adventures throughout his life, from painting murals as a teenager through to a long career in sales with everything from cars to computers, from Cable TV to Baby Food, he’s flogged it all. After almost 2 decades in sales he moved into the world of training with a new business he set up with friends, but after 10 years in building this extremely successful venture, it was time to move on, to pastures new, literally.


From being a young boy he had a dream, which was to live in the heart of the countryside and the icing on the cake would be to rear his own fold of Highland cattle, which he’d loved for as long as he could remember. Now he’d kept this dream close to his heart and spoke rarely about it except to those he was close to. In time he met the girl of his dreams and she too had a similar desire to be at one with nature and to try their hand at the good life. In between times they raised their 6 children, but after 30 years of marriage they took the bull by the horns and leapt into country life. 

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