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'Waiting For Doric: One family’s leap into country life'

The time had come to overcome the many obstacles in our way, put the countless excuses behind us, and bite the bullet to ‘Live the Dream’ on our newly purchased smallholding. So, with my wife Wendy, three daughters ranging between 14 and 21 years of age, three border terriers, three hens, and a heap load of enthusiasm we jumped headlong into rural life. It could be said that leaving a four bathroomed house with all mod cons to move into a one bathroomed farmhouse with solid fuel heating was never going to be the best decision we ever made…or was it?

The Yorkshire Post

Since January 2015 Shaun has written a weekly column in the Saturday edition of the Yorkshire Post, titled ‘Living the Dream’.  Each week these tales have followed his family’s adventures both on and off the farm as they learned to live with their livestock, nature, the seasons and all that this new world was going to throw their way. 

So after rolling out these tales for the past 5 years in print, it was felt now was a good time to unfold them all to a wider audience and so here they are to be enjoyed by all who dare to step into   ‘Living the Dream’.

Book Reviews

Reminds me of James Herriot. An enjoyable read about the antics and adventures of a city slicker turned country boy. Delightfully written as only a transplanted Scotsman could!
Rick Otterstrom
Amazon Review
Have really enjoyed reading this book and the nature of farming in all its highs and lows comes across so well. The characters of the different animals make the reader feel as if they know them. Shaun doesn't shy away from writing about the lows that inevitably come with keeping livestock. I really hope he gets his Doric and hope there will be another book .
Ruth Francis
Amazon Review
A witty and entertaining read. An account of someone with a city, business background taking an unbelievable step of moving his family to an alien environment an then embarking on a Dr. Doolittle adventure by adding sundry animals and an award winning cafe and surprisingly making a success of it with lots of challenges and laughs along the way. This book definitely lifts the spirits. Well worth the buy.
Avid Reader
Amazon Review
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