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For the past 3 years Shaun has been speaking to audiences including Youth Groups, Agricultural Societies, Business People, Companies and Social Groups about his life ‘Living the Dream’. 

His talk includes incites into how he and his wife Wendy took the leap out of suburbia into the unknown world of a smallholder, with no experience to speak of, armed only with an insatiable desire to learn and enough passion to carry them through their difficult times which lay ahead. With a presentation which includes an array of beautiful photographs, shaun charts their course through the good times and the bad and details how their dream unfolded and how they overcame challenges to bring great success to their idyllic part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Through tailored presentations for small luncheon groups, through schools and business groups and onto large after dinner gatherings, Shaun continues to inspire others to follow their dreams, showing that the formula for success which he learned from a mentor back in his early days as a rookie has carried him through business ventures and on to where he finds himself today.

Bespoke Packages

For Businesses

A startup is never easy, let alone one with lots of animals. Hear how the tough times can ultimately lead to success, from the co-founders of one of East Yorkshire’s most successful farm businesses.

For Schools & Youth

Educational, entertaining, and informative. Specially-tailored talks to engage with a younger audience, focusing on the ups and downs of business and funny stories from the farm.

For After-Dinner

You’ll be left in stitches with some of the hilarious antics that happen when you move your family to the countryside, and build a farm business from scratch. Hear how we fell in love with the farm, and learned along the way.

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